How It Works

MCA Verified Seal

Through this sophisticated mobile technology that runs our innovative crowdsourcing solution, we help you gather your in-store information. We call this service Observe.

Should something require fixing, you can call upon the MCA Sales and Merchandising team - Over 2000 professionals located in over 800 cities - to return to the site and capitalize on any opportunities that might have been observed. We call this service Fix'iT.

We are the first Sales and Merchandising company that can offer both crowdsourcing solutions & professional merchandising combined in a unique service cycle: Observe'It - Report'It - Fix'It

We are also introducing the MCA Verified seal on all our reports as a guarantee of exceptional results for our customers. You can count on our data centre analysts to ensure the quality of the data we deliver.

The Tcheck'it Solution Gives You

  •   Fast Identification of your Problem or Opportunity
  •   Factual Analytics & Photos to Verify Situation & Determine Solution
  •   Professional Field Team to FIX the Situation in Targeted Locations
  •   Professional Data Centre Analysts conducting verification on all data from the field to deliver MCA Verified Results
  •   Revenue & Profit Growth for you

Tcheck'it by MCA, your eyes and ears everywhere…fast.