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What Is Tcheck'it


Have you ever wondered?

  • Is my product on the shelf?
  • Is my product priced competitively?
  • Do I have any distribution voids?
  • Are my displays in the correct location?
  • Did my new product make it to shelf?
  • Is my product priced correctly?
  • Is my product set to planogram/modular?
  • Are my displays up in store?
  • Have my POS materials been set up?
  • What is my competition doing?

Based on Three Decades of Experience

in 3rd party Merchandising and Sales, and listening to the needs of our clients, MCA realized that there was a gap in the services that Canadian Manufacturers, Retailers, and Service Providers were being offered – an economical, accurate, and fast snapshot of what was happening at store level. We decided to fix this.

MCA is pleased to announce the launch of our new service solution, Tcheck'it.

Through the power of Crowdsourcing, MCA has built a crowd of thousands of consumers nationwide whom can gather almost any type of information at store level within minutes through the use of their Smartphones.


Tap into the power of the Tcheck'it Crowd

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We are your eyes & ears on your business

Fast clients

We are the Experts of data collection through our powerful crowdsourcing solution.