Frequently Ask Questions

Tcheck'it is a new service that MCA, Merchandising Consultants Associates, is excited to offer it's clients, which in turn means work for you! MCA has 27+ years of experience running a Sales and Merchandising force of over 2000 representatives across Canada. From this experience we know that quite often our clients need to capture information at store level quickly & accurately. Often this information does not require us to sign in or touch anything at the store - quite simply, they require a 'mystery shop' or 'customer experience feedback'.

Tcheck'it is a mobile app already in use in Europe today (check it out at: Tcheck' MCA has partnered with Tcheck'it (Europe) to bring the app to Canada & our clients - and they love it!

Tcheck'it is a mobile app. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) onto your Smartphone (sorry, no Blackberry user...yet!). We post jobs from our clients to the app - we tell you what information they need captured, which stores need to be visited, when the job needs to be completed, and how much we're going to pay you to get this information. You can decide whether or not you'd like to accept the job. If you accept the job, you are responsible for completing the task!

Generally, we'll need you to answer about 1-3 questions or take 1-3 pictures. We'll let you know ahead of time how many questions and pictures are involved. The questions will capture information such as "is my display present", "does this item have a price tag", "where is my item located on shelf" etc. Then we'll ask you to take and submit pictures to prove/disprove it.

Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) on your Smartphone and search for the Tcheck'it app. Once you've found it, hit download and you're good to go!

Once you've downloaded the app, if you go to the settings page, you'll be able to select how you want to be notified about new jobs - either Push Notification, Email, or SMS. You (along with all other Tchecker's) will be instantaneously notified once the job is posted.

Some of our clients also want to conduct focused surveys, for example asking mothers what type of baby formula they use. If we know some additional information about you - gender, age, demographic etc. - we can offer you even more jobs that might be targeted to a special group you belong to! Please note that you are NOT required to fill in this information if you don't want to. We still have plenty of jobs to offer you without this information.

Yes. The information that you provide will only be available to Tcheck'it by MCA. We will not sell or distribute it to anyone else.

Probably the most important question! Once you've completed a task successfully and the data/photos that you've submitted have been verified, you'll be paid the pre-agreed upon amount either via PayPal or a Bank to Bank transfer. It's your choice! Please note that if you choose bank to bank transfer that you will be required to enter your banking information onto the app. You will be paid upon your request once your account has reached $10 or by email request (any amount) if you've been inactive for 30 or more days. The monies will be in your account within weeks.

The amount you are paid will vary by job. Most jobs will pay between $3 and $10.

We understand that just because the answer that you submitted isn't what the client was hoping for, doesn't mean that it's not true. If your answer is valid, we will accept it (usually the picture that you submit will serve as proof!). If your answer isn't clear, or we don't believe it's correct (we ask you to take a picture of ketchup and you send in a picture of mustard) we'll repost the job and you (along with everyone else) will have the option of accepting the job. You will not be paid for the incorrect information that was gathered. If you disagree or would like to discuss you are always welcome to contact us at

No. Most jobs should take only a few minutes. We expect you to complete these while you are already in the store/location on your own time.

You are required to submit taxes for all Tcheck'it work. When you sign up for the app you will agree to the condition that MCA/Tcheck'it are not responsible to determine whether taxes apply for any work you may complete and are also not responsible to collect, report, or remit any taxes.

As the group of Tcheckers grows, we'll be able to offer our clients and potential clients even more coverage! This is great for you! We do the selling, more clients want the service, you get more's as easy as that! So, if you live in Vancouver and know someone with a Smartphone in Moose Jaw, tell them to download the app! The more coverage we have, the more selling we can do. And remember, all new jobs are posted for everyone - if you snap them up first then you get all the jobs!

To run the App you need to be running 6.0 or higher on your iOS phone or 4.4.1 or higher on your Android phone.

If you need to update your operating system follow this link for:



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